Ruby vs. Lisp

I have been dabbling in Scheme and thoroughly enjoying the videos from a course from Berkley based on the famous Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs. (The videos in that course featuring Alan Kay are not to be missed.) I have tried to put aside my current mindset and think in terms of Functional Programming, but I can't avoid realizing that there does not seem to be much in Scheme that I can't do in Ruby. Ruby is, in fact, a very capable platform for FP — it is not just Smalltalk lite.

So some casual Googling lead me to this simply great article by Eric Kidd entitled "Why Ruby is an acceptable Lisp." If you have been down this road, I think you will enjoy that post as much as I did.

This is my disease. I leave Delphi for Java, then Java for Ruby, only to constantly wonder what else is better still. Haskell? Io? Erlang? I hope I never stop being hungry to keep learning, but Ruby continues to constantly impress me.

Chunky bacon, indeed.


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