Benjamin Gorlick’s Ruby on Rails doc project wins Google Summer of Code grant

Congratulations to Benjamin "theuncled" Gorlick — a winner in Google's Summer of Code contest. You may know Benjamin from his unoffical Ruby on Rails Blog or his tireless advocacy of Ruby and Rails within the community, but soon you will know him as the guy who created an "extendable interactive documentation system for Ruby and Rails."

His proposal targets combining the best of's documentation system with PostgreSQL's community user interaction model. He will be working under the mentorship of James Edward Gray II, author of Best of Ruby Quiz and the driving force behind

"I'm honored to have the opportunity to be mentored on an open source project and am excited about contributing something that I truly believe will greatly benefit the Ruby and Rails communities," Ben told me today.

It is difficult to overstate the importance of this project to the community. Like most of us, Ben is juggling multiple commitments these days. Drop him a line and let him know how you can lend your support.

Way to go, Ben!


3 thoughts on “Benjamin Gorlick’s Ruby on Rails doc project wins Google Summer of Code grant

  1. Mike, thank you very much for your comments and support. I’m honored to be a contributing member of the ruby community. It is an opportunity that I don’t take lightly and i’m happy my mentor and other ruby members are so enthusiastic, it makes it worthwhile. Please continue supporting the community, you’re a value to all of us.


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