You’ve come a long way, Cooqy

Robert Yeager produced Cooqy, a Laszlo-powered eBay power-search tool that he released back in Februrary. He is using Java-based XML-RPC, not Rails, but his site is a great demonstration of what one guy can do with OpenLaszlo.

Nice work, Robert! 


2 thoughts on “You’ve come a long way, Cooqy

  1. Hi Mike –

    Thanks for the positive comments re: Cooqy!

    I remember complaining to you and others about my initial tribulations with OpenLaszlo at the Google Laszlo on Rails forum back in January. I almost gave up. But with some help from the Laszlo team, I was able to deliver on my vision of Cooqy and beyond.

    I did experiment with Rails on the backend, but due to timing pressures I wasn’t able to take advantage of that, so I stuck with what I knew and used backend servlets.

    I do continue to monitor the progress of the Laszlo on Rails project and hope to take advantage of that great synergy when it matures. OpenLaszlo by itself is a tremendously productive technology, as demonstrated by Cooqy. The Rails ActiveRecord pattern and scaffolding capabilities should make for a powerful combination with OpenLaszlo.


    Robert Yeager
    Treat yourself to better eBay shopping

  2. Hellooo

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