Greetings from RailsConf, Chicago!

Yes, I made it to Chicago and RailsConf has been pretty amazing so far. The content of the presentations has been exceptional, but it is the *people* here who are so amazing. At first glance, we collectively look like rejects from a Phish concert, but beneath the bad facial hair and drab clothing I keep finding inspiring people who are passionate about their craft and pretty damn fun to hang out with for a 5am downtown Chicago hotdog run, too.

Less than 24 hours til my presentation and I still have a lot of last minute changes to put into place. So, I'll be missing some really cool presentations this afternoon and probably not sleeping much tonight, but that is a happy dilemna.

Everyone I speak with is very, very interested in Laszlo on Rails. Should be fun to preach to the choir a bit this Sunday morning and focus all that great energy…


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