RailsConf post-mortem

I’m relieved to be done with the Laszlo on Rails talk at the first Ruby on Rails Conference. I was disappointed in my delivery after a sleepless night fogged my mind and a technical glitch seperated me from my notes, leaving me to improvise for 50 minutes with only my minimalist slides. Did I mention that public speaking is *hard*?

Most importantly though, the attendees really seemed to enjoy it and they clearly got the message. Commentary is available via Technorati.

So, if a hundred or so people walked away excited about Laszlo on Rails — and did I mention that Martin Fowler was also in attendence? — it was worth it.

One other interesting exchange: when I jokingly asked the O’Reilly rep there if Tim was going to trademark “RailsConf” since they are going to help run next year’s event, we got into a whole discussion of the Web 2.0(tm) flap. She indicated that Tim is close to making a change with that situation that many people will be happy with. So, you heard it here first.

Thanks to Scott Rosenberg for affirming that the pending crisis of the moment — the usual bills and commitments and sheer inertia of routine — were worth bucking for this chance. His encouragement kept me from chickening out.


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