Your project, my skillz…

I am looking to become involved in a compelling Rails project, so here are ten reasons to hire Mike Pence.

10. Because you share my passion for using great tools, like Ruby on Rails, to write great software.

9. Because with 17 years of experience helping companies great and small, I’ve already fixed the mistakes you may not have even thought to make yet.

8. Because Microsoft and Java technologies exist in this world, if only as a necessary evil, and you know that eventually you are going to need someone who understands how to play nicely with both of them.

7. Because you know that Just Write Code is a recipe for disaster, and you need someone who understands the value of lightweight analysis and design approaches.

6. Because even if Rails has not matured to the point yet of embracing solid relational design, your customers certainly have.

5. Because you appreciate that writing great user interfaces does not happen when a million monkeys create a million Ajax visual effects — it is the product of a sharp understanding of sociology, psychology and aesthetics.

4. Because you know that software development is an ecosystem, and you value someone who has reached out to speak at conferences, to write, and to lead open source initiatives.

3. Because you know that social software is becoming pervasive for a reason: computing is about people. Workflow, collaboration and messaging may not be the main feature of your software, but they are vital.

2. Because you value the potential of what we do, not just as a means of supporting ourselves, but as a means, if only in a small way, of making the world a better place.

1. Because you have read this far and you are still nodding your head, and you haven’t even read my resume yet.


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