Another year, another goal

2006 was a great year for me, filled with difficulty and regrettable miscues as I struggled to establish myself as an independent developer, but ultimately successful. It was a tremendous privilege to speak at the first Rails conference, and it took me the better part of the year to gain the kind of fluency in Rails that I wanted to have. So, here I am, in early 2007, an established Rails developer, working from home, living the dream and working with a great bunch of people.

Super. So what’s next? I am eager to return to my pursuit of a few years ago — writing. Not writing about technology, as my friend Obie Fernandez and my sometimes friend Amy Hoy and many others in the Rails community are so ably doing, but writing in a completely literary vein. Fiction. Poetry. All that literary stuff with a capital “L.”

I started down that road when I interviewed Dennis Kucinich in ’04 and Amy Hempel in ’05 (see the sidebar) and when I wrote lots of other little pieces for sites like Kuro5hin and others. Enough to convince myself that I can do it. Enough to want to do more.

I’m inspired by my son, Ryan, who started guitar lessons two months ago and yet is already performing at a stream of open mic venues around South Florida. My teenage years were full of small, nasty people who sneared at my every ambition and I am only realizing now how much I internalized their negativity and made self-doubt my default position. No more.

So, this means I will be blogging more and probably venturing into some short stories and more poetry. Stick around, if you want, it should be fun. My hope is that 2007 will be the year when my writing enjoys the rise that my programming took in 2006.


3 thoughts on “Another year, another goal

  1. Go for it!

    What have you done to encourage your son? (How old is he?). My daughter plays piano and sings, but only at home and now some at the church. I’d like to see her get out of her shell more, but don’t know how to do so without overdoing it.

    I’ll look forward to seeing your writing

  2. Looking forward to your writing Mike.

    I haven’t made this an official “goal” but it is something I want to do – that’s to log my life and experiences better. I’ve been journaling more, recently, and it’s really interesting to take 5 minutes and flip through the last month of notes I’ve left myself.

    The connection here is that it is very interesting to become truly expressive. To create a story. To take something that is sort of ambiguous inside of you, and put it on paper, and give a voice to it. Sometime added clarity comes as a result, but not always.

    So, Go for it!! There’s nothing as exciting as fleshing out a true passion that you have.

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