Diabetes and me

I have been feeling exhausted for months, and in December my health took a noticable decline. Constant thirst, angry outbursts over trivial things, chronic and extreme fatigue, blurred vision — I didn’t need a Google search to tell me what these symptoms added up to. Sunday, I finally bought a glucometer. After several tries at getting blood out of my body — something I have studiously avoided all of my life — the glucometer told me that my blood sugar was at 474. Normal is 100 to 200. 474. I tested it three times. 474. Not good.

I got the official diagnosis and some medication yesterday and I am happy to say that so far things are going very well. I am back in the normal range, thanks to some great medication (yeah, drugs!) and I am already deep into some of the best literature on the disease and generally doing all the Right Things. Including, freaking out a bit.

Not to be morbid, but it is kind of strange to know what will probably kill you when you haven’t even celebrated your 40th birthday yet.

So, my name is Mike and I am a diabetic. If any of your loved ones have a family history of the disease, encourage them to get tested early and often. All it takes is a $17 meter from CVS. If your blood sugar is over 126 after a night’s fast, or over 200 at any time, you need to see a doctor. The sooner the better. I have no idea how much damage I have already done to my body from not knowing I had this for a long time.

Thanks for reading.


2 thoughts on “Diabetes and me

  1. sorry to hear about the diabetes, I’m pre-diabetic type 2, currently have insuline resistance, plus the huge amounts of insulin in my body made me develop an atrial fibrilation; right now i’m taking 25mg of atenolol + 1 gram of glucophage daily, soon to be raised to 2 grams. Hope you the best; btw i’m sure you saw the news on some canadian scientist curing both types of diabetes on mice by injecting a neuropeptide called substance p on their pancreas; so if we’re really lucky in 5 to 10 years we’ll have a cure for this disease

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