“We do see Ruby and Ruby on Rails in CodeGear’s future…”

I wondered aloud earlier today if there was any hope, in view of the announcement of Delphi for PHP, for a robust, component-oriented framework like the VCL for the Ruby on Rails world. It turns out that those hopes may have been a bit too modest.

Michael Swindell, VP of Products for Borland’s CodeGear subsidiary, and my lunch buddy back at the Borland conference in Nashville some 10 years ago, confirmed in a comment in response to that post that, indeed, CodeGear’s future lies on Rails. After summarizing their thinking behind Delphi for PHP, Swindell said:

Ruby as a language hasn’t yet taken off into the stratosphere, but it has more mindshare and great brains thinking about it today than any other up-n-coming language. It has the potential to be very significant and with Rails it has the potential to go beyond public facing web apps and really be an alternative to Java or .NET in the Enterprise app world. With the “deregulation” and fragmentation of the Java world, and the constant demand for “an easier Java than Java”, RoR has a unique opportunity today. We do see Ruby and RoR in CodeGear’s future.

So, wow. How awesome is that? Borland makes tools that fill the entire application lifecycle — not just IDE’s and frameworks –but it is their top-shelf development tools that have made them famous, and they are coming to play.



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