Is JRuby doomed to slowness? An Avi Bryant interview teaser…

So, work has me busy, but the Avi Bryant interview will be appearing soon. Here is a preview to whet your appetitie.

“I don’t think JRuby is very promising, because JRuby is never going to perform very well. I realize that the people who work on JRuby differ with me on this, but if you ask someone like Gilad Bracha, who was recently at Sun until he left to do a Smalltalk project, he’ll tell you that the VM support just isn’t there to make dynamic languages go fast.” — Avi Bryant, creator of Seaside.

I did, in fact, talk to Gilad Bracha, as well as Charles Nutter and Tim Bray, but you will have to wait for the article to get their response.


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