Giles at OSCON and a Pragmatic Erlang

Hats off to Giles Bowkett for landing a speaking spot at OSCON. He will be talking about Rails and Seaside and the future of web development. Sweet. Look for component-oriented web development, as inspired by WebObjects and improved by Seaside, to be a growing meme in the weeks to come. You heard all about it here first. 🙂

Also, the Pragmatic Programmers are bringing us a fabulous new Erlang book by Joe Armstrong himself. Go grab the beta. I did, and I am enthralled. Maybe even a little in love.

Tying this all together is a Rails-inspired, component-oriented Erlang web framework, ErlyWeb, by Yariv Sadan. I love Yariv’s blog, and what I have seen so far of ErlyWeb…well, what I see is the need to learn a whole lot more about it.


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