CodeGear Ruby IDE beta is now open to the public [corrected]

Borland’s CodeGear arm is showing some progressive thinking by opening up their beta program early for RedDiamond aka RBuilder aka whatever-they-eventually-name-it. Go sign up.

Correction: Sorry about that, folks. Although there is a publicly accessible URL to sign-up and hundreds of cards with that same URL were passed out at RailsConf, the CodeGear folks aren’t ready for a massive, indiscriminate influx of beta testers. I know that seems a little…arbitrary…I mean, anyone reading this blog is smart enough to be a beta tester in my book. I am working to get a clarification. Meanwhile, email me and I will let you know the way to get into the beta as soon as I can.

Now that several other blogs are linking to it, I have restored the link to the sign-up. There is still some confusion as to whether CodeGear management wants it publicized yet, but I am taking the position that it is a publicly available URL, so I am publishing it while they figure it out. Feel free to sign up, but strive to be a valuable participant. They don’t want to drown in the noise of too many new testers.


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