Recent success stories (aka how Ruby and Rails are revolutionizing music)

We are closing in on an initial release for the project I am finishing up and when it launches it will be a great resource for the indy film production community. But that also means it is time to look at the coming months and decide what development projects are up next for my small company.

Prior to the indy film project, I had the pleasure of being project leader for a stellar team of guys at TuneCore, including some really brilliant developers from MediaRica. TuneCore is a cool company with a noble mission — letting independent musicians put their work on iTunes, and many other digital music stores, while also letting them keep the profits and the rights to their work.

Together, we built Petri, a super scalable media encoding and distribution platform, based on Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud, that lets TuneCore rapidly deliver music and video to their many partners. Now they have a world-class platform to deliver for their customers. As they announced in their year-end mailing:

TuneCore‘s cutting edge Ruby on Rails technology enables its customers to upload their music once and then, via an infinitely scalable automated system, convert it to the specifications of any third party to be made available on a variety of digital music stores the world over.

Nice. It has been great to be a part of so many successful projects using Ruby and Rails recently, more because of the wonderful people in the Rails community than because of conveniences of the technology.

I will be beefing up my corporate identity and doing some things to have a presence in the market soon, but feel free to pre-empt all of that with your own project if you have the need for project leadership and/or development talent. You can reach me at

[Update: Thanks to Gary Burke, CIO of TuneCore, for his comment in response to this post.]


One thought on “Recent success stories (aka how Ruby and Rails are revolutionizing music)

  1. Hey Mike, thanks for the kind words! We are totally happy with Petri and Rails and I can’t wait to reveal what is happening in coming months with TC. thanks again for all the great management and development work! We miss you!! It was great having you on the project, but not long enough! We’ll be lucky to be able to bring you back on board in a month or two, as some other project is sure to snarf you up. Remember us as the cool project! 🙂

    Take care – Gary,CTO,

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