Stuff breaks — super!

Apparently the upgrades happening at Delicious — now mercifully devoid of interstitial periods (though I will always remember “” and may someday need that archane bit of formatting in my memory to save the universe, or something) — broke the auto-posting of bookmarks to this blog. Well, good. I mean, bad, in that I was keeping a regular stream of bookmarks heading to this blog, each lovingly crafted for your consumption, dear blog reader. But, good, in that it caused me to realize that posting actual content beyond mindless links that I find interesting is long overdue.

So, expect a bit more content, a bit less linking to things that I aspire to master or that I find as interesting memes on the web. One can dream, you know. Or, at least, expect mindless links couched in some prose, thus:

In another lifetime, they would name me Dare. I would drive exotic Italian sports cars, occasionally save the world with my stunning physical prowess (and some handy gadgetry), and always get the girl. Alas, “Crash” was the best nickname I could earn so far in this life, for reasons I would rather not relate, but we do have one Dare “Carnage4Life” Obasanjo who is writing a series of inspired and informative tech articles on his blog. Dare is a fellow Kuro5hin alumni, and reads like a smarter Giles Bowkett, and reminds me of the loss of Reg “raganwald” Braithwaite, who, sadly for us, has taken to pursuits more “dangerous” than tech blogging.

My friend and more well-adjusted ex-Jehovah’s Witness, Obie Fernandez, put on a great show at the first RubyFringe conference, talking about the business side of running a dev shop. It is an information-packed 30 minutes and well worth your time if you are in the business of software development. Keep pushing that edgy thing, Obie. You wear it well. And kudos to InfoQ for providing more and more strong content.

I owe you all an update on Cells, which is ready to go 1.1, and Apotomo, which builds stateful widgets on top of Cells — all on Rails, natch. Coming soon.

Thanks for reading. Peace!

(If you would like to keep up with my Delicious links, the RSS feed is here.)


2 thoughts on “Stuff breaks — super!

  1. Welcome back to the League of Substantive Bloggers 🙂 Does this mean Postalicious got broken by the new Delicious? I was using it (sporadically). Will need to check now…

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